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Interview with Actor of Meri Bassai – Nepali Comedy – Nepali

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25 Responses to “Interview with Actor of Meri Bassai – Nepali Comedy – Nepali”
  1. aryalshreeram says:

    Thanks a lot to both of you.doing great acting, comedy……

  2. gakultamang says:

    very good nepali comedians good job !!

  3. bababhupen says:

    people have their own talent but they never show to others, but they have to see this interview one time…

  4. timroanumati says:

    Hey, guys … i have deleted many comments posted by some garbage people who are dust of this world. I just wanna say… just watch video… if you don’t like don’t comment with bad words….. those actor our means of entertainment… not the trouble….. don’t act like a jangali…

  5. alienvspredator99 says:

    good job.

  6. nepzrespect says:

    those people got 2 character inside them..really talented people with lots of

  7. drgaule says:

    interviewer ?…?

  8. 7473302 says:

    best neapli comedy show

  9. pralians says:

    hello i am madhav phuyel from USA , i realy proud about this program ( mari bassai ) , keep in touch

  10. sanzay20 says:

    fuck u man lado u dont have to mention that u r from usa.

  11. nepalikhancha93 says:

    yea true

  12. 80mustang80 says:

    saroj (kc?…nt sure)

  13. drgaule says:

    magne budho u fantastick so the dhurmushe

  14. sanjanification says:

    fuck u , son of a bitch, at least respect the artist, u r really an ass hole.

  15. bunit938 says:

    gud job, nepali fame……….

  16. mcmabik says:

    Good job guys keep it up..

  17. roshnilimbu says:

    tapai haruko programme sarai man parcha, just keep it of luck both of u…

  18. TamangSanfrancisco says:


  19. TamangSanfrancisco says:

    Laado kahu chor bahun haru

  20. furiousrai says:

    yasto absurd comments nadew na yarrrr

  21. leelasharma says:

    hogood roshini same same like

  22. eyesbluekalpana says:

    you sucker!! dont u have good words! u need to learn from some one. if u dont like to see shut up u r mouth. any way love this interview.

  23. eyesbluekalpana says:

    loll u some people think they are funny then them

  24. TheKhem55 says:

    rammo 6

  25. 1995yaz says:

    omjj, they’re both soo talented.
    hats off to these guys

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